Prom 2014

Prom 2014

Prom is an amazing time in a High School Seniors life. Especially for the young ladies.

The time they take to perfect that smile. Hours of rehearsal for the perfect pose.

The time spent envisioning all the different dresses you’ve seen and tried on. The hard choices you had to make in the elimination process of the dress stand-off. Weight, heels, hair color all play a part in the choices women make.

And all this is before the actual event.

I had the privilege of watching Alexus  transform form herself into an amazing model.

Her poses were dead on.

Her patience with everyone was professional.

She put it all together and wore it all amazingly!

She was determined to make it her day.

All the cameras were on her.

All complements were directed towards her. She was emaculet. She was beautiful. She was a young lady.

She was perfect.


Makeup and Hair provided by Glamour on the Go in West Covina.We’re teaming this week for another photo shoot. She’s a mobil artist so she’ll come to you ladies. There’s no need to worry.Check out her great reviews on Yelp or click on this link and see for yourself.

Here’s the link for the entire album.

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