SoCal Spring Gi Championship 2017 Video coverage.

Here you go folks the video coverage of the 2017 SoCal BJJ tournament.

It was a great event ran by an amazing promoter.

He promised a fun and enetertaining event for a low price and boy did he deliver.

I tried my best to capture the full event with what equipment was available to us at the time.

We found great placement for our cameras for the first half but as the event went on people started to crowd the area and block our view.

So while we weren’t able to cover all the matches we managed to get enough and give back to the jiu jitsu community we love so much.

I’d like to thank my crew, which consisted of my father in law, son and wonderful wife.

They were such great troupers. We had no idea what to expect so our goal was to learn and prepare for the next one.

Notes were taken, adjustments have been made and we’re positive and hopeful that our next Jiu Jitsu tournament will come out even better.

We gathered around a mat to support our family and team mates.

We took part in an event to test ourselves and represent our gyms.

We did this for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Adam Garcia

It's all in the timing.

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