I’ll be at the SoCal Spring Gi Championship

I’ll be at the SoCal Spring Gi Championship this Saturday the 25th.

I’ll be taking video and snapping pictures at the event.

Our team from the Hacienda MMA Training Center will be competing so good luck to them.

This will be a local tournament. I’m super excited to see all the talent from around our area. This should be fun.

The promoter Noah Tillis is a great guy and I love his motto, Good Vibes.

Check them out at

Tillis Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Address10707 La Mirada Blvd, Whittier, CA 90604

Come by and say hi. If you want pictures or video of your competition let me know ASAP so I can secure your mat location.

It’s all in timing.

Couples Say Videographer Ruined Their Wedding Memories

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Southern California couples are blaming a Long Beach-based videographer for ruining their wedding day memories.

Los Angeles newlyweds Julio and Mercy Corpeno are among the alleged victims. They hired Treymaine Williams, of Treyski Entertainment and Twilight Filmworks LA, to shoot and produce their wedding videos, and claim he failed to deliver what he promised.

“Biggest mistake we did for our wedding day,” the groom said.

The couple showed the I-Team a $1,400 contract they signed with Williams before their big day, guaranteeing a 45-minute edited reel that was to be delivered within three months.

Instead, they say they waited a year to get nothing more than an 11-minute highlight reel that was poorly shot and put together: during the ceremony, the vows are practically inaudible and there are no close-ups of the bride’s face.

“I really wanted video of that moment,” Mercy said. “I feel like he ruined that part of the wedding.”

The Corpenos aren’t the only pair complaining.

Jayvelin and Sebastian Wilczek of Fontana, and Amanda and Chris Hayman of Pearblossom, also reached out to the I-Team, saying they’re devastated over their missing videos. A search of the Yelp review website turns up more than a dozen complaints against Treyski Entertainment.

And it’s not just the brides and grooms who are unhappy: freelance photographer Jake Moore says he worked for Williams, and is still waiting to get paid.

“It is plain wrong, what he did and continued to do,” Moore said.

Going in search of Williams, the I-Team caught up with a Long Beach man who said he rented office space to the videographer.

Max Kamakani said the rent has not been paid on time, and added that couples have been stopping by the building in search of their wedding videos.

The I-Team reached out to Williams, who responded to questions about his business practices in a phone call.

He admitted that he owes former employees, clients and landlords, and said he was “overwhelmed,” but insisted he’s working to make good on all his promises. He also said he’s now offering couples free copies of the raw footage from their big day, if they provide him with a hard drive.

That may not be enough to satisfy Julio Corpeno, who worries his wife will never get over her heartbreak.

“After $1,400, that’s not what I’m interested in,” he said.

Consumer advocates urge caution when hiring a photographer or videographer for a once-in-a-lifetime event like a wedding. Some tips to making the best hire:

  • Seek out references, and call them
  • Check review websites, like Yelp
  • Interview several candidates
  • Establish in contract whether you’ll receive all the raw footage and/or negatives, or just a produced reel/limited stills

If you have a tip on this story — or anything else — the I-Team wants to hear from you. Give us a call at 818-520-TIPS or email nbc4iteam@nbcuni. 

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